How does Step Saver protect your data?

Step Saver employs many technologies and techniques to ensure that your data is safeguarded.

  1. Separate databases – Customer data is stored in a dedicated database per customer.  This is far more secure than using a single database for many customers and ensures that there is no way a bad actor can hack into another account and gain access to your data.
  2. Empower Integration – For Empower specifically, Step Saver exchanges files over a password-protected SFTP site hosted by empower.  In addition, all files (posted by Step Saver or by Empower) are encrypted using PGP encryption.
  3. Encryption – All traffic to and from our server (and services) is encrypted via HTTPS.
  4. Managed Log History – Transactions are logged in both files in transactional databases for debugging and quality assurance purposes.  Log files and records are purged automatically after 45 days (by default).  You can specify a custom purge frequency to keep records longer or shorter.  You can even specify that no transaction records be retained, however this make troubleshooting problems more difficult.
  5. Azure - All Step Saver operations take place in the Azure cloud, allowing us to take advantage of numerous built-in protections provided by Azure.

Fore more information on data security in Azure, please visit:
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